2nd Anniversary

Posted on Dec 1, 2014 | 0 comments

The 1st of December marked the second anniversary of, proud owners, Joke and Daan at Dutchies. It has been a wonderful 2 years and every day they are grateful for the opportunity to live and work in such a special, beautiful place.

It has been a privilege to manage the only restaurant on the magnificent Grotto Beach and to meet and get to know locals and serve visitors from all over the world.

Highlights this year have been welcoming the Lighthouse Ladies after their annual Lighthouse-to-Lighthouse walk, our very successful Winter Quiz evenings, winning the Fynarts Culinary challenge, sharing the delight of the Indische Rijsttafel and experiencing the talented musicians that come and play at Dutchies each month. Then of course, there are also the celebrations that you bring to Dutchies that we are delighted to play a small part in: the meetings of long lost friends; the exchanging of vows; the beginnings and endings; birthdays and anniversaries; club lunches and family gatherings.

Thank you everyone for your support and enthusiasm and friendship.

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