Catch Roger Summer every Friday on WCFM

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Catch Roger Summer every Friday on WCFM

Our resident Sunday evening maestro, Roger Summer, now has his own show on Whale Coast 96FM. He’ll be playing music requests from 12-1pm every Friday. Phone in your requests and not only will he play them on the radio, but also at Dutchies on a Sunday.

As the sun is setting earlier Roger will now start at 4.30pm on a Sunday instead of 5pm. Come and enjoy his delightful music and an early Sunday dinner.

Dayne Nel interviewed Roger on Whale Coast 96FM last week – the transcript is below.

March 2015 Interview on Whale Coast 96FM


D  You first started playing in public only last year.  How did that come about and what made you decide to offer to play on WCFM?

R  I regularly play the piano and I am a friend of Joke and Daan who own Dutchies Restaurant at Grotto Beach. They thought it would be a lovely idea to have live music in the restaurant and they asked me if I would play at Dutchies.  I agreed and Dan bought a Digital piano especially for me.    I play every Sunday between 5 and 7 o clock (Now 4.30-6.30pm)

D  You have told me you would like to encourage adults and children living in Hermanus, and who can play an instrument, or sing, to form ensembles which is something you did when you lived in London.

R  I used to have soirees at my house in London.   Only classical music was played and  I used to have to stop the Grandfather clock from chiming and we all assumed a musical expression. But after plying people with drinks they relaxed and it was lovely having beautiful music in one’s house.   I occasionally accompanied Leider singers which I enjoyed.   There are many  houses in Hermanus with large living rooms, some with pianos, and it is great fun gathering people together to come and listen to music.     People can bring along wine and a few nibbles – people like having a nibble now and again!    What better way to pas the winter months looking forward to the next recital at somebody’s house?   The standard does not always have to be good.  I remember a singer at one of my soirees whose voice was as flat as a pancake.  Her choice of music was not good – it was “Where the bee sucks, there suck I”!

D  You are inviting Listeners to let us know if they would like you to play music which brings back happy memories.

R  It would be a pleasure to be able to play somebody’s favourite piece of music.

D  Thank you Roger.   Roger will now play some of his favourite pieces of music.  The first one is called Life is Nothing Without Music.   Happy listening everybody.    Roger will be playing piano music every Friday from noon until 1pm.

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