Yes you can dance in these shoes!

Posted on Sep 30, 2014 | 0 comments

Clogs are traditional Dutch footwear that are still worn in rural areas of Holland today. They were the most common form of footwear for hundreds of years because they were durable, practical and waterproof. But can you dance in them?

And why are they pointy?!

With the Netherlands being below sea-level (Netherlands meaning ‘low lands’) the terrain was marshy and muddy and wooden shoes offered more protection from the wet than leather shoes. They offer protection from heavy objects, are easy to get off and yes, you can dance in them!

In fact, tap dancing, probably has it’s origins in dancing in clogs (klompen). As for the points…clogs are designed like this in the Netherlands to help fishermen pull their nets in!

Believe it or not – they’re actually really comfortable too (once you get used to them).

Here is a collection of interesting clogs we found – which is your favourite?

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