De Tafel van de Chef

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De Tafel van de Chef

This winter we will be offering some exciting events to ensure you get out and about and have the opportunity to escape the effects of cabin fever.

‘De Tafel van de Chef’ is one of these exciting events.

Once a month we will gather to eat, taste, compare and enjoy local wines with a new dish designed by Chef Jana to match the wine.

Winemakers will be digging deep into their cellars to find their favourite vintages of a particular varietal. Chef Jana will then ‘invent’ a dish to pair with that varietal.

We can then enjoy a vertical tasting and the latest tastes coming from the kitchen!

Sometimes the winemaker may even bring a ‘cloudy’ bottle from one of their barrels to see how it compares.

This will be an evening filled not only with exciting tastes but also good conversation, the company of friends and, knowing our patrons, lots of laughter.

Jana is in her element. These evenings will provide her with the unique opportunity to push her creative boundaries, test new dishes and show us what she’s got!

Would you like to join us?

Experience new tastes; let old vintages bring back memories and new ones provide an excuse to fill up the cellar!

Both Jana and the winemaker will spend the evening with us and we are limiting seats to 30 to ensure the evening stays as personal as possible.

Bookings must please be made at least 2 weeks before the evening so that we can ensure everyone is catered for.

The first date is Wednesday 3rd June 2015.



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