Dutch Bonus Questions 12 June 2014

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The final question in each of the four rounds is a bonus question and is always about Holland. These are the questions from last week. How many could you answer?

1. There always is a lot of confusion about the name of the Netherlands. Many people refer to this country as Holland. Which of the following statements is correct?

A. Holland was this nation’s name until 1400 AD, since then it’s only referred to as The Netherlands.

B. Holland is part of the Netherlands, there are two provinces within the Netherlands: North- and South-Holland.

C. Holland is a sort of nick-name given to the Netherlands by the Americans.

Correct Answer: B


2. Who was the soccer coach of the National team in 2010

Answer: Bert van Marwijk


3.  In which other country does one eat ‘bitterballen’?

a. Germany

b. Denmark

c. Belgium

Correct answer: c.


4. What is the name of the famous Dutch ice skating tour?

a. De Rotterdam Marathon

b. De Elfstedentocht

c. De Amstel Gold Race

Correct answer: b.

The Elfstedentocht [ɛɫf’steis an almost 200 kilometres (120 mi) long skating tour which is held both as a speed skating match (with 300 contestants) and a leisure tour (with 16,000 skaters). It is held in the province of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands, leading past all eleven historical cities of the province. The tour is held at most once a year, only when the natural ice along the entire course is at least 15 centimetres (6 in) thick; [1] sometimes on consecutive years, other times with gaps that may exceed 20 years. When the ice is suitable, the tour is announced and starts within 48 hours WIKIPEDIA

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