Dutch Bonus Questions 29 May

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The final question in each of the four rounds is a bonus question and is always about Holland. These are the questions from last week. How many could you answer?

  1. What is the difference between the Holland flag and the French flag

Dutch flag

French Flag

The colours of the french flag go vertically whilst the colours of the Holland flag go horizontally

  1. How many registered bicycles do we have in the Netherlands


According to Fietsersbond, there are 18 million bikes in the Netherlands, which is more than one per head of the population.

  1. How may official languages we do have in the Netherlands

Fries is the 2nd official language of the Netherlands.

Fries is spoken in Friesland (in Fries: Fryslân), a province the North of the Netherlands. Recently, the government announced a new law that will give Fries people the right to speak their own language at governmental bodies and the court. This is in part to avoid that the Fries language will disappear.

  1. Where is the International Court of Justice situated

The Hague

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