Dutch Bonus Questions 3 July 2014

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Questions from our #QuizNight on 3rd July – how many did you know?

1. In The Netherlands women live longer than men; how much longer?


a. 3 yrs


b. 3.5 yrs


c. 3.7 yrs


d. 4 yrs


2. The colours of the Dutch flag are red, white and blue. Red stands for The people, white for the Church and blue stands for……




3. Kaaskoppen; The Dutch are known for their love of cheese. How many kilograms does a Dutch person eat per year?


a. 4


b. 14


c. 24


d. 34


4. Which Dutch player won his 100th international cap in the match against Mexico last week?


a. Robben, Arjan


b. van Persie, Robin


c. Kuit, Dirk


d. Sneyder, Wesley

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