Dutch Bonus Questions 5 June 2014

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The final question in each of the four rounds is a bonus question and is always about Holland. These are the questions from last week. How many could you answer?
 1. The highest point in the Netherlands is about…
A. 300 meters above sea-level
B. 600 meters above sea-level
C. 900 meters above sea-level

Correct Answer: A

2. In the “golden age” for the Netherlands (about 17th century), the Netherlands had many colonies overseas. Which of the following cities used to be a Dutch colony?
A. New York, USA
B. Dublin, Eire
C. Havanna, Cuba

Correct Answer: A (though at that time it was called New Amsterdam)

3. The Netherlands has had many famous painters. Which of these Dutch masters cut of his own ear?
A. Rembrandt
B. Van Gogh
C. Vermeer

Correct Answer: B

4. Football (or: soccer) is the national sport in the Netherlands. How many World Cups have the Netherlands won?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 3

Correct Answer: A

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