Dutch Bonus Questions from 19 June

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The Bonus questions from last week’s #QuizNight

1. Who scored the second goal for The Netherlands during the match against Spain?

a. Van Persie

b. Robben

c. De Vrij

d. Van Gaal


Correct answer: b

2. How many Bicycles are stolen in The Netherlands every year?

a. 5.000

b. 50.000

c. 90.000

d. 900.000
Correct answer: d

3. How many classic windmills are still in The Netherlands?
In 1800 there were about 9000 classic windmills in The Netherlands.

After the introduction of steam powered engines in 1850, the number of active windmills slowly reduced.
There are still about 1000 classic windmills in active use nowadays.

4. The story of the little boy who prevented a flood disaster by sticking his finger in a dike is world famous.

What is his name?


Correct answer: Hans Brinker


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