Gezellig Gezelligheid

Posted on Jul 30, 2014 | 0 comments

Gezellig is a Dutch word that has no exact English translation. It can mean cosy, warm, friendly, comfortable, relaxing, enjoyable, gregarious and a range of other feel-good things.

It’s the word you’ll hear most often in the Netherlands and embodies the heart of Dutch culture – being happy, having fun, feeling joyful and enjoying good feelings, times, things, people…

Thanks to you, our patrons, Dutchies is filled with gezellig gezelligheid all the time. Whether it be on our Thursday night quiz evenings, the monthly live music, the Indonesian Rijsttafel or a quiet meal on the terrace contemplating Grotto beach – Dutchies is always ‘gezellig’.

Thank you for helping us infuse Dutchies with this much valued Dutch spirit of warmth and togetherness. One thing for sure is it has certainly kept us all warm through the winter!

We’re looking forward to the last of our Quiz nights tomorrow and to getting back to our usual hours from the 1st of August. The sun is rising earlier and earlier, Spring is on the horizon and there are many more days (and nights) of ‘gezelligheid’ to be had with you at Dutchies.

Tot siens!


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