Indonesian Rijsttafel September 2014

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Indonesian Rijsttafel September 2014

Our Indische Rijsttafel for September will be held on the 19th. This elaborate meal of many side dishes accompanied by rice is especially enjoyed with a group of friends to share the new tastes and textures you experience with.  

This is Chef Wayne’s first Indische Rijsttafel with us and we can’t wait to see what dishes Indonesian cuisine inspires him to create! Below are some of the dishes that are often served at an Indonesian Rijsttafel.

  • Babi kecap – Pork belly braised in sweet soy sauce common in the Netherlands, for halal Indonesian version often replaced by beef semur
  • Bebek betutu – Duck roasted in banana leaves
  • Gado-gado – Vegetables (cooked or fresh) with peanut sauce (sambal kacang)
  • Krupuk – Shrimp crackers
  • Lumpia – Spring rolls
  • Nasi goreng – Fried rice
  • Nasi kuning – Indonesian yellow rice
  • Perkedel – Meat and potato patties
  • Pisang goreng – Banana fritters
  • Sambal iris – Onion, tomato and chilli pasta
  • Sambal kacang – Peanut sauce
  • Sambal ulek – Spicy chilli paste
  • Satay (sometimes spelled Saté, Sate, or Sateh) – Various thinly sliced meats, marinated then broiled on a skewer, such as: Sate Ayam, chicken; Sate Babi, pork; Sate Lilit, seafood
  • Semur daging – A type of stew of beef braised in sweet soy sauce
  • Serundeng – Peanuts with sautéed shredded coconut
  • Tahu telur – Tofu omelette
  • Telur balado – Hard-boiled eggs sautéed in chilli sauce
  • Sayur lodeh – Vegetable stew (spicy) in coconut milk
  • Rendang – Aromatic spicy caramelized beef, braised in coconut milk, chillies and spices
  • Lemper – Rice rolls with spicy filling
  • Opor ayam – Chicken coconut curry

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