It really does feel like an Indian Summer!

Posted on Jun 25, 2014 | 0 comments

Winter at Dutchies has been even more of an Indian Summer than we expected and it doesn’t seem to be abating!

Between winning the Hermanus Fynarts Culinary Challenge award for best hake dish, our football team “Ons Oranje” doing so well, and our lively quiz nights there is no time to feel the cold.

This week we have some live music added into the mix as it is the end of the month – and more football on Sunday.

We are thrilled to have received the Hermanus Fynarts award for  “Best Seafood Dish made with Hake” in the festival’s first ever Culinary Challenge. We are so proud of our chef and staff. Thank you to all who voted for us!

Our winter #QuizNight competition is really hotting up. Luckily stalwarts “Norfolk in Chance” brought Barry Hilton along with them to ensure things didn’t get too serious. See you all on Thursday!

Yes – it’s time to haul out your dancing shoes! An excellent way of shaking out the winter shivers. We’ve got Gary Deacon to come to Hermanus to entertain you on Friday. Enjoy music from “Big Band” Swing to Classic Hits from the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and 90′s to the present. Many of them perfect for a bit of dancing.

It has been wonderful having you all arrive to watch the Netherlands matches with us at Dutchies. Especially as our team is doing so well! Staff and patrons have been going all out dressing up  in Orange or having fun digging through our bag of supporters gear to find something to wear. Join us on Sunday at 6pm for Netherlands vs Mexico.


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