Vrolijk Pasen

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It’s Easter! This is one of our favourite celebrations. In Holland Pasen (Easter) starts on Easter Sunday (Eerste Paasdag) and continues on Easter Monday  (Tweede Paasdag), Good Friday is not a holiday.

Dutch Easters are filled with hand painted eggs, candles, daffodils and tulips, bunnies, chocolate and all things yellow and white. There are bonfires, decorated Easter Trees, remarkable meals and even mini carnivals in some of the towns.

It is Spring in Holland at Easter so everything is very colourful and people spend time enjoying the outdoors.

Whether you’re having breakfast, lunch or dinner at Easter, it is always an absolute feast shared with family and friends. We’re celebrating Easter in true Dutch style at Dutchies.

We’re baking traditional Paasbrood, Poffertjes, and serving a traditional roast lamb lunch on Easter Sunday. (View the 5 Course Menu)

Paasbrood is a rich, cinnamon flavoured bread with golden and dark raisins, currants and citron and orange candied peels, and marzipan. Delicious with a dollop of butter at any meal! Often, at Easter, the Dutch serve butter moulded into the shape of a lamb (botterlammetjie).



Poffertjes are found at all Dutch celebrations. They’re mini pancakes that puff up and are traditionally served with powdered sugar and butter.

“…the name alone invokes visions of carnivals, festivities and palatal pleasure. Even saying it brings joy to the vocal chords. You can’t say poffertjes (POH-fur-tjes) without a smile on your face, try it!” The Dutch Table

We look forward to celebrating Easter with you!

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