Sunday Classics this Spring

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The talent of our first Sunday Classics will surprise you as much as he did us. Born into a musical family in London, Roger Summers has music in his veins.

rogerRoger will be performing some of his favourites on the keyboard including romantic pieces by composers such as Gershwin, Cole Porter and Ivor Novello, and the wonderful melodic music of the 1930 onwards. This is the kind of music one rarely has a chance to listen to at a live performance, but now you can on Sunday evening at Dutchies.

Inspired by his grandfather, who had a small band in London, Roger started piano lessons in 1941 and has played for pleasure ever since.

In the 1970’s he bought a house in Hampstead Garden Suburb, which had a large living room, where he hosted musical evenings once a month. The players were mostly retired professional musicians. Occasionally he would accompany singers or play his favourites, Brahms and Schubert.

In the 1980’s Roger and his partner decided to have a holiday in South Africa and a musician friend of theirs, Gloria Judd, gave them an introduction to a South African pianist, Lionel Bowman, who used to play at The City Hall Cape Town.

They fell in love with Cape Town and bought a house in Camps Bay to occupy during the European winters. Roger’s partner became terminally ill and he told him that when he died Roger should leave the UK and live in Cape Town. Roger says that it was probably the best advice he had ever had.

For a couple of years Roger used to be one of the Swallows but decided it was not a satisfactory way to live. He moved permanently to South Africa in 1994 and decided Hermanus was the most beautiful place to be and bought a house in Hermanus Heights.

His Partner, Christo, is South African, and they visit Dutchies regularly. For fun Roger downloaded some of the music he plays and sent it to Joke and Daan. We thought it would be a lovely idea for us to have a special evening with Roger playing the piano – or even special evenings…and the idea of Sunday Classics through the Spring was born.

Join us on 31st August for a performance we know you will enjoy. After all, “music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the soul”.

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