Sunny Side Up!

Posted on Mar 6, 2015 | 0 comments

No matter what life brings us, us Dutchies like to focus on the ‘sunny-side of life’.

We enjoy sunny days, sunsets, walking on sunshine, or on the sunny side of the street, and, thanks to the Uitsmijter, we LOVE our eggs sunny side up.


The Uitsmijter is as much a part of Dutch culture as wooden clogs and windmills.

The Uitsmijter is “not a sandwich for dainty eaters or a peckish appetite…it’s here to deal with your hunger”. says Dutch foodie Nicole Holten. Something you eat in the middle of the night after a party or first thing in the morning to deal with your need for food.

We hope Nicole will one day try the Uitsmijter we make at Dutchies. It does our heritage proud!

Have you tried it yet? Perfect for breakfast, lunch or a late dinner. Let us know what you think.

Read this great account of this iconic Dutch dish by Nicole. (There’s a recipe too)

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