The Big Green Egg

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An eggciting eggsperience!

We’re delighted to welcome a good friend of ours from The Netherlands to Hermanus – Helma Wortelboer.

She has not only come to enjoy our beautiful town, but also to cook for you…in a very special way. Helma has been cooking in The Big Green Egg for 17 years now, so she has it down to a fine art. She know exactly how to use the egg to create the tastiest dishes.

On Friday 23rd January she will be cooking fresh Salmon Trout and on Saturday 24th January some Springbok!

Please join us for this exciting (and environmentally friendly) way of cooking that will exceed all of your expectations for culinary perfection.

The Big Green Egg inspired by an ancient clay cooking device known as a “kamado”. A Kamado is a clay vessel with a lid. In 1974 an American Entrepreneur, Ed Fisher, blended ancient wisdom with modern technology and created a cooking device that is strong, durable and provides better heat insulation than any other outdoor cooker.

The state-of-the-art design and quality materials provide a well-insulated and moist environment that results in food simply tasting better. The EGG® is a modern ceramic marvel that has been producing amazing culinary results for novice and experts alike for over thirty years!

It comes in a range of sizes and is ridiculously versatile.

You can grill to perfection. High temperature grilling of meat is quick and easy and the heat can be turned down for moist and tender flavour-filled fish.

You can use it as an oven and bake anything from breads to pizza to casseroles and puddings. The Big Green Egg retains heat and moisture so well, locking the juices and flavours inside.

You can also use it as a smoker. You can control temperature precisely even at a low heat which results in your favourite turkey, ham, lamb, chicken or ribs being infused with the aromatic wood smoke flavour.

Helma Wortelboer is an expert BGE cook. In The Netherlands she offers workshops and lessons at the Kokerij de Kortenburg on how to get the best from your BGE.

We’re thrilled that she is visiting us here in Hermanus and has brought her egg so that we can offer our patrons this eggciting eggsperience!

Please book to avoid disappointment!

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